Paint and launching
Decks and topsides are done in International Brightsides with 30% primer and a flattening agent added to give the paint a satin non-shinny finish. The shop lights give the decks a yellow tint.


I think the gudgeons and pintles (rudder hinges) are large enough.


Rubrails, toerails, mast etc. are done with Deks Olje. I didn't plan on having any bright work but couldn't help myself.



Launch day finally arrived.
  On Nov. 25, 2006 Dan backed "Tempo" down the rocky slope at the end of North Wharf Road under the Bolte Bridge.  


Fortunately there were no leaks and I rowed around the corner to the Wooden Boat Centre....


...where I popped in the mast, hoisted the new sail (made by Col Anderson) and went for a sail.
She tacks in a "stately fashion" but will tack in very light airs. The helm is neutral except in strong gust where she heads up. Later that day we tacked out to the Westgate Bridge and into the white caps coming in from Port Philip Bay. She was over canvassed but predictable. I wish I had some photos of Tempo with her rails awash. The downwind run back the the WBC was quick. I fear we violated the 5 kt. speed limit.


The next afternoon I took Gladys for a quiet sail. I had to wake her up for this shot.
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